Planning a trip? with Reasonable Prices, MB Scalar Travel Services, Inc. is advancing your Travel Experience!

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MB Scalar Travel Services, Inc

With Reasonable Prices, MB Scalar Travel Services, Inc. is Advancing your Travel Experience!

Laag-laag sa Cebu? Sign najud ni to make your dream travel come true! 
A personalized service company, MB Scalar Travel Services, Inc. was founded to make your trips uncomplicated and practical. They are Cebu-based inbound and outbound operators, also a large number of recognized and well-known affiliates in the travel sector. On top of that, MB Scalar Travel Services Inc. has the capacity to offer both domestic and international travelers the best itinerary offers and packages.

The company started in 2013 with a home office before finding and setting up a formal workspace in the years after. They also provide group tours and have their own transportation business. Miss Mary Cris, an independent woman who also started with modest enterprises, launched the said agency and never imagined it would flourish after nine years. She worked as a travel agent in the past for various firms, and she enjoys exploring new destinations.

When the pandemic hit, MB Scalar Travel Services, Inc. was compelled to stop operations owing to the fact that the tourism industry was tarnished. Miss Mary Cris was eventually about to lose hope, but her husband urged her to take a break rather than give up her dreams. Later, as everything returned to normal, they began to feel positive and received rebookings for the canceled flights, which is the epitome of a breakdown becoming a breakthrough. She then embraced the setbacks as the factors that would shape and advance your entity. Additionally, Miss Mary Cris asserted that treating your staff with dignity like members of your family is the key to maintaining a profitable business. Without them, the company wouldn’t function well and wouldn’t be capable of providing top-notch solutions and services.

This exemplifies why MB Scalar Travel Services, Inc. is a top choice for your travel journey. They use integrated deals from hotels and transportation while providing budget-friendly pricing for accommodations.

Air Tickets

You can purchase airline tickets to any location in the world at the travel agency. They also provide convenient digital ticket booking on their website.  

Voyages & Cruises

For diverse clients looking for extraordinary experiences, they also provide a selection of cruises & sea journeys in addition to standard tours and excursions.

Hotel Bookings

The agency provides a large variety of hotels—from 5-star establishments to modest lodgings—worldwide so that you can reserve a place to stay that you desire.  

Tailored Summer Tours

The company offers a wide range of expeditions, including customized summer tours, for customers looking for a special and unique vacation.   Get your luggage ready and travel outside of your comfort zone. It is time for a daunting scheme that offers a view into a different reality. It may be to get outside of your local area or discover a different region of the globe. New people, culture, food, and geographical features are awaiting to be exposed to you.

Organize your travel and trip with excellence now through #Travel Lokal. Bon Voyage, mga ka-bisaya!

For Bookings and Inquiries:

(032) 342 0477 (0905) 404 7310/(0912) 034 8577 (0905) 404 7311/(0956) 037 6292

IMPORTANTE NGA PAHINUMDOM: Please take responsibility sa inyong basura Laagan. Let us strictly impose and follow #LeaveNoTrace!