Don Macchiatos: Cebu’s 1st 39ers Coffee

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Don Macchiatos: Cebu’s 1st 39ers Coffee

It is undeniable that coffee has been part of most people’s daily lives. We enjoy a cup or more whether at home, whilst on move or at work. But not all coffees are created equal. Some people are paying much to enjoy some popular brands but Don Macchiatos’s Coffee is different. It will not hurt your budget. As low as 39 pesos, Cebuanos can now enjoy its popular Iced Caramel Macchiato.


Nickie San Juan is one of the owners of Don Macchiatos from Pinamungahan, Cebu. They started one ordinary Tuesday in October 2022 without expecting that Cebuanos will embrace their new business venture. She worked as a call-center agent but stopped during the pandemic when she became a mother. Together with her partner, they also manage Pure Leaf Milktea—their first business which also bloomed during the pandemic. Their hunger for success made them more eager to look for new ventures and better opportunities. Nic-nic, as she is fondly called, shared, that during her pregnancy she really enjoyed sipping coffee. Her partner also shared the same interest. They thought that while they were enjoying more cups of coffee every day, they already had spent much for it. So why spend much for other brands when they can create their own? Hence, Don Macchiatos was born. They started their coffee training and had discovered affordable suppliers. It’s called Don Macchiatos because their main product offering is Iced Caramel Macchiato.


While some entrepreneurs can double or triple the price of their products, the humble Don Macchiatos owners wanted their coffee to be affordable for everyone. Their target markets are students, working individuals and everyone who is on a tight budget. They wanted everyone to enjoy their coffee while not hurting their budget. Nic-nic recalled that when she was still a student, she had to skip some meals to afford the price of a cup of coffee. And she doesn’t want some students to experience that. That’s why, they decided to price it 39 pesos only. “Bahala og ginagmay, basta kanunay”, a common Cebuano phrase which reminds us of consistency. No matter how small, as long as it is doing well consistently, it is bound to succeed.

With this low-budget but great-tasting coffee, people from different parts of Cebu are coming over to their shop to try what’s in, what’s new and what’s always on the go. Due to the overwhelming support of the Cebuanos, they will be opening more branches soon and franchising is on process.


When asked what she has to say to aspiring entrepreneurs, Nic-nic is so humble and optimistic. “To entrepreneurs like me who is just starting, ‘JUST KEEP GOING’.“ She also encouraged them to never stop trying because she also experienced failures before. “Just keep doing what you are most passionate about because time will surely come that success will be in your hands.” She also added that an entrepreneur should know how to face their competitors. They have to consider them as challenge, not an enemy. If they see someone on the top, just support them and never bring them down.

OPERATING HOURS: 11am-11pm daily

Location: Villa Aznar Rd., Sambag 2, in front of Anna Mig Bakeshop


Via Commute: Alongside Metro Colon or Metro Wholesale Mart, ride a jeepney bound for Urgello with routes 01K , 01B, 01A. Disembark at Pure Leaf Milktea. From there, just walk a few steps to Anna Mig Bakeshop. Via Private Vehicle: Search Tanciong larangan on Google Maps and simple follow the best route.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Please take responsibility of your trash, Laagan. Let us strictly impose and follow #LeaveNoTrace!