Getting the job done: Cebuanas share their #FastestDeliveriesGuaranteed story

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Cebuanas are great multitaskers. They can juggle multiple responsibilities like work or school, run a business, and manage the household while also finding time for hobbies and interests. Despite the many tasks and demands of life, they always find ways to get the job done.

For many busy Cebuanas, on-demand delivery platform Lalamove has become their trusted partner for last-minute delivery needs. They provide fast, reliable, and affordable same day and door-to-door delivery services from sending packages to loved ones, delivering for food and small businesses, to buying groceries and running errands at the bank.

We asked four Cebuanas how they enjoyed Lalamove’s services and how it made their daily life much easier:

Urgent deliveries made possible

Through a funny skit, teacher turned viral sensation Danieca Goc-ong, popularly known as Teacher Dan, showed how Lalamove can be a lifesaver when one forgets something important. In true Teacher Dan style, she showed how Lalamove comes to the rescue for last-minute delivery needs like when students leave an important report at home that their grades depend on. Lalamove’s partner drivers are carefully selected and trained to handle important documents, cash and delicate items.

Moving into a new home

No package is too big or small with Lalamove. Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Gazini Ganados personally experienced their efficient service after having clothes and furniture delivered to her newly furnished apartment/new place. “Lalamove, with their wide fleet of vehicles and multiple services, can fulfill everyone’s delivery needs safely, quickly and efficiently,” she said. Lalamove has a fleet of light trucks and MPVs that can transport large items. They also offer the Driver Assistant Service that allows partner drivers to help carry items up to 50 kg.

A trusted partner for small businesses

Mom and businesswoman Chinky Nazareno Enopia, also known as ChinkyTita, operates her small business from home with the help of Lalamove. She was able to send orders, including late night cravings, without a hitch using Lalamove’s user-friendly app and its extra features and services. “It’s very convenient, very easy to book, not to mention sobrang daling gamitin ang app nila,” she said. Lalamove’s multi-stop feature was especially helpful in accommodating the many orders they receive daily. With multi-stop, businesses can deliver to up to 20 stops in Cebu in just one booking.

Meal cravings delivered with just a few taps

Since 2019, Divine Maitland-Smith has been the chef of The Garden at Soul Sierra, a wellness center in Cebu. She uses Lalamove to deliver The Garden’s delicious plant-based meals from the remote highlands of Busay to those who wish to enjoy it at their home. Recently, she sent Mushroom Chicharon to a good friend in just a few taps and it was delivered safely in less than an hour, hassle-free. Lalamove’s fleet of motorcycles can deliver small items from documents to food items. Partner riders also use an insulated box to keep food and beverages safe and at the right temperature.

Share your Lalamove story with #FastestDeliveriesGuaranteed. Download the Lalamove app available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and for fast, seamless, and reliable delivery service that fits one’s personal and business needs.

Lalamove was established in Hong Kong in December 2013. Today, it operates in 21 cities across Asia and Latin America, including Cebu and Manila in the Philippines. It provides different vehicle options that fit according to the needs of the customer, easy customer transactions, allows flexible schedules, and multiple bookings to help businesses of all sizes grow their reach. For more information, visit and like @LalamovePH on Facebook.