Jomax Peak: A Perfect Place to Chill and to Have Peace of Mind

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A great place for sightseeing, bonfire, and stargazing. Jomax Peak is a picnic and camping grounds and a flower sanctuary in Salvador, Benedicto, Negros Occidental. As its name entails, this place is elevated and offers an overseeing view of the surroundings. It is a perfect spot to encounter sea of clouds during habagat or monsoon season. They have a handful of amenities to offer. A public veranda, a veranda shade, pool area, and a camping ground!

Source: Negros Finest

If you enjoy sightseeing the most then this overlooking place is perfect as your next destination! Imagine yourself comfortably sitting in one of the verandas, looking far away on the wide horizon while sipping a perfectly hot cup of coffee. Indeed, a perfect place to chill and to have peace of mind. And by the way, the coffee being offered here is free (included in your entrance fee).

Source: Negros Finest

You must book a spot on their website for an overnight stay before heading to Jomax Peak. Your receipts and valid ID will be checked upon entering the place. Children are free and you can bring your fur babies! Bringing your own food is alright because they don’t have corkage fee. They have tents for rent but bring your own pillows and blankets. They limit their guests and most of the time don’t accept walk-ins. Everyone who wished to visit the place needs to have a reservation through their website.



Exclusive use for formal photo and video shoots

  • Morning exclusive use (9am to 12nn) or Afternoon exclusive use (12nn to 4pm)
    • minimum rate: P3,000
    • inclusive number of guests: 15
    • maximum number of guests: 35

  • Sun shade (9am to 4pm)
    • weekday: P750
    • weekend: P1000
    • inclusive number of guests: 5
    • maximum number of guests: 8

  • Veranda shade (9am - 4pm)
    • weekday: P1,500
    • weekend: P1,750
    • inclusive number of guests: 10
    • maximum number of guests: 14
  • Pavilion (9am - 4pm)
    • weekday: P2,250
    • weekend: P2,500
    • inclusive number of guest: 15
    • maximum number of guests: 35
  • Payag, Nipa hut (9am - 4pm)
    • weekday: P2,500
    • weekend: P3,000
    • inclusive number of guests: 15
    • maximum number of guests: 15

Overnight Camp (4pm - 8am)
  • Weekday: P1000
  • Weekend: P1000
  • inclusive number of guests: 5
  • maximum number of guests: 10
  • Tent for rent: P350/tent
  • Tent fee, if you will bring your own: P250/tent
  • tent mat: P70
  • foam: P250

pillow, blankets, bedding and other camping necessities are not included

Exclusive use of all structures
  • Day Use ( 9am - 4pm )
    • Weekday: P8,0000
    • Weekend: 12,000
    • inclusive number of guests: 35
  • Overnight Camp (4pm - 8am )
    • Weekday: P7,500
    • Weekend: P8,500
    • Inclusive number of guests: 35


🌍 Exact Location: Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto Negros Occidental
( along national mountain highway )

🗺 From Cebu City Take the Ceres Bus at Cebu South Terminal bound for Bacolod City via Toledo/San Carlos City. The bus will board a RORO in Toledo for San Carlos City. From this point remind the driver to drop you at Jomax Peak.

🗺 From Bacolod City Take the Ceres Bus at Bacolod South Terminal bound for Cebu City via Don Salvador Benedicto. Tell the driver or the conductor to drop you off at Jomax Peak located at Brgy. Kumaliskis.

Source: Negros Finest

Source: Negros Finest

Source: Negros Finest

Source: Negros Finest

Note: bring your own foods as its not currently available now, no walk-ins is allowed however there are times that they will allow walk-ins but they announce it through their fb page.

You can also book your special events here.

Contact or book them now at : +639176289889
Website :
Facebook Page:

Source: Negros Finest

♻️🗑LEAVE NO TRACE! ( Gasa sa kina-iyahan nga angay ampingan, Matag usa kanato makatabang sa pag amping sa atong kalikopan sama sa pag punit sa basura ug paglabay niini sa saktong labayanan)