Shattered Dreams: Diana Natad’s Grit

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Shattered Dreams: Diana Natad’s Grit

Nothing is more hurtful than a broken promise and shattered dreams. Life would suddenly take an unexpected and dramatic change no one can expect. Therese Pacaña is a schoolmate of Diana Natad at Cebu Normal University who unleashed a powerful story of reality that enlightened the eyes of many. She spurred her burning desire notwithstanding she is studying a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Major in Journalism, she used her writing skill as her voice to speak for the voiceless. After posting Diana’s story on Facebook, her post became viral. Despite the fact that she is still a first-year student, Diana is already a degree candidate. They never had the opportunity to meet in person which proved that stories have a profound impact on individuals who hear them, even if they are not acquainted with you.

Diana Natad is a Normalite who shines and excels in school. She has been a working student since elementary, maintaining a variety of jobs to support herself while attending college. Her body began to exhibit signs of giving out as she pursued the edge of her desired goal, and she kept it a secret out of fear of hurting her family and those around her. She had no intention of stopping now that she was on the verge of graduating, with only one semester remaining, knowing that she was close to her desired dream of being a teacher. Diana’s life was abridged just as she was ready to accomplish a cherished desire for her family. After a while, her system decided to give up. She was found to have an ovarian cyst as well as kidney failure. Diana’s story is a living testimony that is amazing but also heartbreaking. She has spent her entire life making altruistic sacrifices. Her entire life had been spent putting her family’s needs ahead of her own, and she was never allowed the opportunity to live the life she had worked so hard for.

“It is one thing to tell her story about how she overcame adversity. Working on our dreams is important, but not because it guarantees success; rather, working on our dreams is important because it is how you will be aware of your strengths. It gives you the impression that whatever happens, you will be capable of figuring it out as our dreams is the light at the end of the tunnel; it is what keeps us alive. Without our dreams, life is bleak and roads are blocked off. The thing is, it is not just about investing in your dreams; you must also give back and invest in the vehicle that is helping you in driving to your dreams, which is your body by staying healthy. If our body can no longer handle the work, everything we worked hard for will be pointless.” Therese Pacaña stated.

We are all dealing with varying levels of life’s stumbling blocks, and while you may not notice, some are grappling with it a hard time. Alas, life is not measured by the number of times you’ve stood up and fought but choosing battles you are willing to fight for even if you lose and deciding to turn away to reroute a path that will make you happy. It is pivotal to check your friends and remind them how their existence matters. A comforting platitude makes a difference. Let’s be someone who gives positive affirmation and an outlet for a friend who is in need!