5 Tourist Spots in Cebu, I bet you haven't been yet

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Cebu – fondly referred to as, “The Queen City of the South”. Located right in the heart of the Philippines. Home of the oldest historical relics, white-sand virgin beaches, diversified ecology, strong BPO Industry, notorious and world-renowned Cebu Lechon and Sinulog Festival! Despite this, Cebu is consistently competitive in a wide variety of settings, from its well-preserved historical landmarks, protected and well-preserved marine wildlife, contemporary Cebuano Cuisine, and still has many sites to see. Cebu indeed, still has so much more to offer. To know more of these, I looked at new tourist-potential sites in Cebu that are unquestionably captivating and handpicked five to highlight. This is 5 Underrated Spots in Cebu, You’ve Never Been!

Master’s Dragon Peak
– located at Sitio Manga, Brgy. Bili, Borbon, Cebu, around 77 Kilometers from Mainland Cebu rises a large Pirate Ship, that is affixed and permanently anchored on top of the mountains of Borbon. For just P99.00, you will be able to get a 360° perspective of Borbon's stunning horizon and its adjacent towns, while enjoying your meal in their MDL Food and Refreshments Hub. Owned by Master Mariner Elmer Montebon, a citizen of Borbon Cebu. Montebon began his career as a sailor before being promoted to skipper in 2014. Apart from having a vast dragon fruit farm, he got the notion last December 2020 to build a ship as an inspiration to his family because sailing is his main source of revenue. They devised the proposal to build a ship with his cousin Henry Montebon, a barangay captain with design and yard work abilities.

basically means "Alejandra's Flower Garden" - it is a genuinely magnificent, scintillating flower garden designed in a perfect order that allows the colors of the plants to mix wonderfully with one another to produce a work of beauty. The bright hues that these flowers produce compliments the eyes and makes us feel tranquil. This “Little Tagaytay of Cebu” is now capturing and stealing the attention of not just Cebuanos, but thousands of tourists as well. Around 30-45 mins ride from the Mainland Cebu City and for just P75.00 for adults and P50 for kids, you can now enjoy and feel the ambience of this hidden gem of Balamban.

– referred to as, “One of the Best Diving Sites of Cebu”, and “The Top Diving Spot of Moalboal”, Pescador Island. Originates from the Spanish word Pescador, which means "fisherman." Even all those years ago, it was renowned to have an abundant supply of fish dwelling along its beaches, which naturally drew fishermen. This place is becoming a potential hotspot for tourism, with its sandy slope covered with soft coral from 5–10 meters, there is a wall covered with hard corals dropping down to about 40 meters, where you can see tons of different marine aquatic wildlife, that includes whales and sharks. So might as well prepare your camera to capture this one-in-a-lifetime moment. The activities in the island doesn’t just end there, there is another main tourist attraction that is getting popular in this location is the Sardine Run. You can swim with millions of Sardines that are still evident up to today, enjoy the depths of Moalboal, together with your friends and these local aquatic species. Just a few kilometers from the center of Cebu City, the easiest way to go there is by private vehicles or rental, but if you are travelling with budget, you can go there thru Bus, you’ll get there for about 3-4 hours.

Tumalog Falls
– Located in the Municipality of Oslob, just a few kilometers distant from the whale shark attraction, locally known as "Toslob Falls” or "Mag-ambak Falls”, it is Tumalog Falls. Tumalog Falls is a curtain-like waterfall that cascades down the rock, covering it in calm, pure water. Moss hugs the cliff's rocks, filtering the water and creating a curtain effect. It is one-of-a-kind and undeniably beautiful. Tumalog Falls in South Cebu was discovered in 2012 due to its fairly secluded position, although the waterfall is now easily accessible by road. You can set your foot on here, by three options, either rent-a-cab, bus, or most preferably by your private vehicle. The most convenient method to go to the falls from Oslob is to rent a bike/scooter, which should cost between 200 and 300 pesos per day. If you decide to hire a bike, keep in mind that the company will not cover you if you don't have a valid license and get into an accident.

Sumilon Island Sandbar
This Island Sandbar tops the list! Still near Oslob lies the little yet scenic Sumilon Island, where you may see the sandbar. Sumilon Island's sandbar is particularly famous due to its stunning turquoise seas and pure white beaches. It resembles a picturesque and enthralling tropical paradise that entices all sorts of visitors. Unfortunately, this island is privately owned by Sumilon Bluewater Island, therefore you have to check-in through the resort first before going and spending the night in the Island. The trip includes lunch and leisure activities in the island such as snorkeling, hiking, fishing, paddling and many more.

These are just 5 of the Most Underrated Spots in Cebu. Cebu truly has a lot more to offer; come to Cebu and discover more of the fantastic new sites Cebu has in store for you!