Awaken Your Soul at Home Massage and Spa Services

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At Home Massage and Spa Cebu

Stress ka, bai? Murag deserve sad nato magpa massage ba. As we all know that almost everyone is stressed because of what we’ve been through right now, there is a must-try thing to do that can be added to your bucket list.

Have you ever heard of At Home Massage and Spa? This is a place where every customer feels at home. Tara, adto ta na!

Massage acts as the body’s fuel, energizing you to work even harder. It eases stress, clears the mind, soothes the heart, and lessens anxiety. Anyone who retains their capacity to appreciate beauty never ages. The same goes for taking better care of yourself to understand how important it is for your development.

At Home Massage and Spa Cebu began with just have 2 therapists three years ago and currently employs 50 people in total, comprising 33 therapists and 17 other staff members, including drivers, CSRs, and cleaners. Back in 2019, they solely provided massage services for clients’ homes. After the business had been operating for two months, the number of COVID cases began to slowly increase. This was a very daunting time for the company, and the management had to be ready, cautious, and tough about adhering to the rigorous rules. Before they could systematize things, the changeover time was pretty challenging. They only recently established and opened a conventional spa in 2021, and even then, it was severely damaged by Typhoon Odette, forcing the place to close for two weeks. Now that things are gradually returning to normal, At Home Massage and Spa is continuing to develop, learn, and assist those who require their services.

In addition to providing luxurious massages, At-Home Massage and Spa Cebu also offer specialty massages like prenatal, postnatal, lactation, sports, myofascial release, lymphatic, and Jamu postnatal massages. They are the first and only spa in the metro to provide and introduce these types of massages. As survivors of the global pandemic, they said that they don’t see quitting as a solution, but rather as an opportunity to grow and gain knowledge. They have developed into a strong and resilient family as a result of the global crisis. Every customer is treated with respect and dignity, and they take great pride in providing them with the best therapeutic and pampering services possible.

It’s not all! They also offer Sparty packages that include massage, facials, and nail services with a gracing table set up, and aside from that. At-Home Massage and Spa Cebu are known for workplace massage which is perfect for your employees’ team building or relaxation day promoting services to groups, families, or companies to give importance to employees’ mental and physical health.

It is a vicinity where you can be sure you’ll receive top-notch service! Give yourself the love you deserve and schedule an appointment right away. You are not alone. They guarantee to elevate your quality of home service. Di jud kamahayan, bai!

You can book through their social media channels:
FB: At Home Massage and Spa Cebu Instagram: athomemassageandspacebu

You may call on hotline nos:
(032) 564 2940