A Film by the Ocean? No movie experience in your whole life can beat this one!

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A Film by the Ocean? No movie experience in your whole life can beat this one!

During your stay, you can watch a private movie screening on a breathtaking Mactan Newtown Beach beneath the stars!

What could be more idyllic and beautiful than spending time by the seashore with your significant other, family, or friends? As Megaworld Regional RFO Cebu develops a project at 8 Newtown Boulevard and One Pacific Residences, let the waves carry your troubles away.

Finding the Right Condominium

The valuation of the property is one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a condominium. If you can locate a condo-hotel with the ability to maintain or grow in value over time, you’ll be at an advantage. In Megaworld, they highlight the art of living as a legacy which indicates leverages. Acquiring a condo saves the need to travel far since the Mactan Newtown Beach is just a few steps from your door. Both beach and movie enthusiasts will indeed find it a dream come true!

It’s the ultimate, serene setting for unwinding, having fun, scuba diving, and exploring the ocean at your own pace. They even take it a step further by organizing an exclusive venture called “Film by the Ocean,” as you devour delicious food, sparkling wine, beers, and other drinks. There is a current promo called “Reserve Now, Pay Next Year” with Free Interior Design that you can take advantage of if you avail promptly.   **

You don’t have to strive to make the right decision!
  Megaworld Regional RFO Cebu services are provided to evaluate the quality of condo living that exceeds your anticipations, taking location and demand into account. Yes, mga bai. We are as excited as you are. Stay tuned for more updates as we invite everyone to another Film by the Ocean!

Special thanks to Emperador Distillers, Barefoot Wines, and Homemaker Furniture Cebu for contributing to making the premiere possible with the collaboration of Savoy Hotel. Ari niya ta, mga bai!


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