Spectacular Places to Visit in Siargao for Thrill Seekers

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Siargao Island is a teardrop-shaped island located in Surigao Del Norte in the Philippines. It is known as the surfing capital of the country for it is the home of the most popular and challenging surfing waves that is known by surfers all over the world. Its popularity continues to grow especially for thrill-seekers. The island is perfect for those who love kayaking, paddle boarding, cliff jumping, cave swimming, island hopping and a lot more. Siargao can offer anything for every kind of traveller, whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation. The beautiful island has a lot to offer from white sand beaches, attractive sunsets, natural rock and cave pools and smaller islands nearby. Here is a list of some spectacular places to visit when in Siargao.

Magpupungko Tidal Flats and Lagoon

Magpupungko is famous for its tidal rock pools. It is best visited during morning when it is low-tide. The wide underwater rock boulder serves as a wall that separates the natural green lagoon to the strong crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. Both rock formation and tidal pools are natural creations. A dramatic rock formation on the edge of the pool is composed of a large rock that appears to be squatting on another rock. “PUNGKO” in Bisaya means “to squat” “to sit” “to bend”. Thus, Magpupungko got its name.

General Luna, Siargao

General Luna is one main tourist area in Siargao where most hotels, beachfront resorts and hostels are located. It makes decision making on where to stay easier for it offers a wide selections of accommodation. Book your stay in the town proper if you are planning to have a fun night outs.

General Luna has grown its popularity for being the home of Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 Siargao Surfing

Cloud 9 is General Luna’s most popular surfing spot in the world. This surfing paradise is in the southeast corner of the island. It is named as the best surf break in the Philippines. It is where professional surfers compete and surfing tournaments occur.
If you are a sunrise or sunset lover, Cloud 9 will never disappoint you. It gives you the most attractive scene during golden hours. It is best viewed at the Cloud 9 Boardwalk—a long wooden pier that is stretched out across the reef that overlooks the waves.

Daku Island

Siargao is an amazing island that has much to explore. Just a short boat ride away is the Daku Island.It is one of the three islands that is part of the island hopping tours together with Naked Island and Guyam Island. It is known as a surfing and snorkeling destination. This captivating island is covered with palm trees and crystal-clear water. “Daku” in Bisaya means “big”. The locals have a good reason to name the island as it is the biggest island that you can visit in Siargao. Beyond the size is the panoramic view of the sea and the radiant shore. It is ideal for the lunch stop. Daku has its own community where residents sell seafood along the beach huts and the seafood are very fresh.

Naked Island

This white sand island is completely bare, hence its name. It is a 200-meter-long strip of powdery white sand with no shade of trees and no rocks. While there are no activities in the island, it is still a spectacular place to take great pictures or cool down in the refreshing water. It is recommended for quick visit during the island hopping tour.

Guyam Island

It is a small island that has a short stretch of powdery-white sand and dotted with coconut trees. Guyam island maybe small but it is a great place to escape from the busy heart of the town. Its picturesque beachscape, shallow waters and tropical paradise appeal is more than a food to every tourist’s soul.

Maasin River

Just a short drive away from Cloud 9 surfing spot is another epic place in Siargao. The Maasin River palm tree swing is one of the most common adventures on the island due to its perfectly installed swing in the palm trees that juts out directly over the water. The water is only 2-meter deep so it is safe enough to swing and jump from the bent palm tree without having to worry hitting the bottom.

Million Dollar View

It is a captivating and stunning view of the beach that is so breath-taking that it stops tourist in their cars. It is a perfect spot for sightseeing that features a large stretch of palm trees and beautiful surf breaks. Best spot to take beautiful pictures.

Palm Tree Road

If one is in Siargao, Palm Tree Road should not be missed. It is a road guarded by tall palm trees that boasts its raw beauty.
If you want to have the freedom of your schedule, you can rent a motorbike, explore and enjoy this captivating Siargao island. You can stop from time to time and admire the beauty of nature and the fascinating places you’ll pass by.

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