Get a Glimpse of Japan and Visit Cebu’s Sachiko's Little Kyoto!

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Ohayou-gozaimasu! Are you keen to go to Kyoto without traveling to Japan or securing a visa?

Ritoru Kyōto, wakarimashita! A lot of Cebuanos flock to Kyoto City in search of traditional Japanese culture. In Barangay Babag, Cebu City, adjacent to Busay, there is a Japanese-owned tourist destination called “Sachiko’s Little Kyoto.”

It may be a dating spot, an itinerary of witnessing a glimpse of temples and bamboo groves, or a fraction of the magical experience. Take in the splendor of nature, chow down on delectable Japanese food, and learn about Japanese traditions and customs.

Traditional Japanese gates known as torii are most frequently found at Shinto shrines, which are believed to be the residences of the Shinto gods. The torii gates serve as a bridge between the secular and holy worlds. In Sachiko’s Little Kyoto, you can perceive that it is frequently painted in vibrant red or orange.

The Geisha Gallery, a showcase of pictures of the traditional Japanese female performers and hostesses who are recognized by their long, trailing kimonos, conventional haircuts, and Oshiro makeup, may be discovered next to a reclined Buddha if you go through a few more steps. It is a depiction of the historical Buddha in the midst of his final illness. He is supported by his right elbow while lying on his right side, with his hand supporting his head. You can also definitely see the Lucky Cat, also known as a maneki-neko, which is frequently thought to bring luck to its owner. Daruma is another ancient Japanese doll that has come to represent tenacity and good fortune in Japan.

The Hachiko Dog Statue is, however, present there. It is a memorial to the devoted Akita dog who waited at Shibuya Station every day for his owner, even after he passed away. It is one of Japan’s unofficial landmarks in Shibuya. You can only see it here in Cebu, yet it is currently one of the most well-liked gathering locations in Tokyo.

Savor Kyoto Treats’ scrumptious food after indulging in Japan’s rich culture. It is worthwhile to visit Sachiko’s Little Kyoto, so be sure to satisfy your appetite!

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Operating hours: 3PM to 9PM (Tue-Sun)

Exact Location: Sitio Lamacan, Babag Uno, Cebu City

How to get there?

Via Commute: From Cebu City South Bus terminal you can ride a bus going to Babag Uno Sitio Lamacan. Gikan sa Lamacan, sakay ka ug tricycle or habal-habal going to Sachiko’s Little Kyoto. Approximately 3km from Temple of Leah. Head straight for 10-15 minutes until you reach Sachiko’s Little Kyoto on the left. Via Private Vehicle: The place can be navigated on Waze. Whether you are riding a motorbike or your own vehicle, it’s best to navigate via Waze.

Entrance Fee:

P60 per adult
P30 per child
(Children below 4ft are free)

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