Feel at Ease as You Take a Break at Lake Bensis

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Sign na ba ni to go camping? Enjoy the water adventure and experience the panoramic view of Lake Bensis in Toledo City, Cebu!

The fact that the lake is known as “Lake Bensis” is primarily because Sitio Pingganon, Brgy, Sinsin, Cebu, was supposed to be its location and the surrounding architecture resemble the Bisaya “Bensis” as benches. Unlike Biga Pit, this particular spot was once a mining operation for the Atlas pit, although it was abandoned many years ago. The region eventually transformed into a lush lake that mirrored Eden. It also goes by the name “Lake Pingganon.”

Since the lake’s water was pure, it was so translucent that you could practically see the bottom, which was encircled by verdant mountain ranges. It has been organically purified through time, contaminant-free, meets all water safety standards, and deemed safe for swimming. Locals are also selling tilapia caught in the area’s fishing pens. An ironic result of tampering with nature, it’s sort of half natural and half human-induced. Climbing enthusiasts and campers make up the majority of visitors to the location. The lake, which is surrounded by mountains, is a perfect spot to take a breather after an exhausting day of hiking. There are areas where tents may be set up, so hikers can camp close to the lake.

This is the ideal activity for winding down because it takes place away from the hectic roadways, skyscrapers, and densely populated neighborhoods!

Exact Location: Sitio Pingganon, Brgy. Sinsin, Toledo, Cebu

How to get there?

Via Commute: If you are commuting, you can ride a bus or jeepney going to Tabunok Market, and ride a habal2x going there. Via Private Vehicle: If using a private utility, you can pin point LAKE BENSIS in waze or google map.

  • (aside from camping)
  • fishing
  • fishfeeding
  • swimming
  • bamboo rafting

  • Entrance Fee- Php 10/ Person
  • Overnight camping - Php 50/ Tent
  • Bamboo Sakayan- Php 250/hour

Travel Tips:

If your using private utility make sure its off- road capable, dili jud easy ang dalan padong didto. Prepare yourself for the added adventure and better adto mu before the sun down lisod ma ngitngitan pdng didto walay suga ang dalan. Be safe.

Prepare powerbank fully charged since walay electricity ddto if you’re planning to camp. In the campsite that we choose, naa ray caretaker where they can cook and buy goods for your camp needs so ok ra if adto ramu mamalit. Pwde sad mu mag sugba2x like we did. Bring your reusable plates, cubiertos to lessen garbage.

Dili mag kiat2x, lalom kaayu ang lake, locals claimed nga wala pay nka reach sa buttom sa lake.

Photos from Chinito Rider, PBB Contributor
Featured by: Ariel Alegado, Team Leader