CrabPro Cebu: Mouthwatering Boiling Seafood with a Hint of the Ocean

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CrabPro Cebu

A pinch of plentiful seafood can lift your spirits!

The pristine seas off are abundant with various underwater flavors that seafood connoisseurs can gorge themselves on. What’s more, Cebuano people will certainly compete fiercely for their seafood specialty amongst top contender cuisines. Basta taga-Cebu, dili g’yud magpalupig! Those who love discovering the various flavors of the world will surely say the same thing. Is it because they love experimenting with unusual twists on what they want to serve on their plates? Or is it really just the extraordinary cooking expertise that Cebuano people appear to be born with? So, here’s the deal: you can definitely figure out what the mystery is by giving it a try straight through your taste buds. You’ll certainly fall in love with the first bite, as soon as the sensation of the taste changes in your mouth that leaves your mouth watering, a taste of heaven. Getting a taste of the bounty of the sea.

CrabPro Cebu, Cebu’s seafood haven, comes to mind when you think of where you can try the best seafood in town. The seafood’s shell is so delicate that pressing it with a fork causes it to crack audibly. Since the seafood meat is seldomly pricked while boiling, the taste accumulates, becoming juicy and saucy. Take a bite, and the drama unfolds. Think of a bursting water pipe exploding deep flavors in your mouth. The intense combination flavor of salty reminiscent of ocean, mineral sweetness, like a drop of honey in a spoon of water; as chewy as a candy. Diving you into the sea of flavors!

The highlight of CrabPro Cebu is their ‘Dampa Style Express’ or Paluto-on-the-Spot, in which you can purchase shrimps, scallops, Chilean mussels, mud crabs, potatoes, and corn, all boiled in a flavorful sauce of your choice, and they cook it your way. It can be a great way to serve it to you just the way you desire that will make you say, bring me the whole sea!


  • 26- 34 pcs | 980/ kg
  • 18- 24 pcs | 1,080/ kg
  • 13- 17 pcs | 1,150/ kg
  • 8- 12 pcs | 1,250/ kg


  • 6-7 pcs | 899/kg
  • 4-5 pcs | 980/kg
  • 3 pcs | 1,000/kg


  • 100g- 139g per pc | 1,350/ kg
  • 150g- 199g per pc | 1,500/ kg
  • 200g up per pc | 1,800/ kg


  • 1 kg up per pc | 2,200/ kg
  • 500g - 999g per pc | 2,000/ kg
  • Flavors available - Spicy Cajun, Garlic Butter, Spicy Cheesy Garlic

  • Seafood Boil Full 1,300
  • Crabs
  • Imported Mussels
  • Shrimps
  • Scallops
  • Corn and Potato
  • Lobsters in a Bag ( 1kilo of lobsters per bag )
  • Small Lobsters 1,350
  • Medium Lobsters 1,500
  • Large Lobsters 1,800

These products are available via take-out and delivery.

Working from home can be tedious at times. However, long, dull days become livable when you know you will be rewarded with a seafood platter at the end of the day. Seafood meals are an excellent pick for all sorts of scenarios, whether you’re planning a family dinner or just a regular day. Occasionally, it’s okay to break away from your usual eating habits and indulge in some seafood for a change.

How to get there?

🕙 Operating hours: 9AM - 9PM daily
🌎 Exact Location: Ground Floor, Alba Uno Hotel, Apas Lahug, 6000 Lahug

🗺 Via Commute: From Metro Gaisano Colon just ride any jeepney going to IT Park possible (17C, 17B). Then tell the driver to drop you off at IT Park Terminal, from there walk going 7/11 in front of Harrison Park and you will see Crab Pro sign board.
🗺 The place can be navigated on Waze. Whether you are riding a bus or your own vehicle, it’s best to navigate via Waze.

Other Branches:
💻 Ramos ( near Ramos public market )
💻 LapuLapu ( inside Red Coco Town near Jpark )
💻Lahug (G/F of Alba Uno Hotel near IT Park)

📷 Photos by: Michael Audrey Jacobe Sagonoy, Vivi Moore, Yull Calvez | Digital Creators
✍🏻 Featured by: Therese Pacaña, Writer

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