Nasayod Ka Ani Bai? Benefits of Kombucha

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Nasayod Ka Ani Bai?

Today let us talk about Fermented drinks, most especially, KOMBUCHA. Our Kombucha journey started over a year ago in our quest to quit carbonated soft drinks. As soft drink addicts, that carbonation is the one we so long to drink after a meal.

What if I tell you that we can replicate that same carbonation, the natural way. Yes, naturally! And ancient people have been doing this since 220 B.C! Imagine that!

What are the benefits of Kombucha? Read the list of evidence based health benefits and be converted:

  1. Potential Source of Probiotics.
  2. May Provide the Benefits of Green Tea.
  3. Contains Antioxidants
  4. Can Kill Bacteria.
  5. May Reduce Heart Disease Risk
  6. May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
  7. May Help Protect Against Cancer
  8. Helps detoxify the body
  9. Treats Gastric Ulcer
  10. May help control cholesterol
  11. Anti-Fungal
  12. Boost Immunity
  13. Helps relieve arthritis
  14. Aids in weight loss

This and more is all we need during the pandemic, to be healthy naturally. Let us re-discover the old ways of making our own food and drinks. It has a wide array of natural flavors and its guilt-free! Try our home-brewed Kombucha drinks soon at Azienda Gracia. Made of natural ingredients from our own organic seasonal harvest and brewed naturally.

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