Experience the Authentic Roadside Diner with Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente

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Craving for a Cebuano delicacy? Treat your family and friends to some authentic Cebuano Street foods!

Pungko-Pungko is a distinctively Cebuano dining experience where some of the best “chicharon bulaklak” or “ginabot” are served, among other popular Cebuano street foods in welcoming, unique environments that line the sidewalks and offer a range of fried delicacies. Pungko is Cebuano slang for sitting. Therefore, “pungko-pungko” was created. It is quite social since there are only a few little seats and a long communal table where everyone eats elbow to elbow.

Have you ever contemplated trying Cebu street food? Here is a list of some of the fascinating foods.

Ginabot is much bigger than chicharon bulaklak. It is a deep-fried pig intestine that is crispy outside with a soft and tender taste inside. Ngohiong is similar to the more complex sibling of Lumpiang Shanghai. The main ingredients are pork, julienned palm hearts, and five spice powders, which are then wrapped in lumpia paper, battered, and deep-fried until golden in color.

Siomai sa tisa is prepared uniquely in Cebu. Over the years, this particular style of siomai has developed great popularity due to its flavorful combination of meat and spices. Sautéed pig brain with spices and aromatics is known as tuslob buwa, which is generally eaten by dipping your puso (rice wrapped in a palm leaf) into the sizzling pan of brainy goodness.

It is a must-try for foodies, locals, and tourists who want to explore the cultural immersion of Cebu. They also follow sanitary regulations, so feel secure during your gastronomic excursion!

Located at 52 -AJ Llorente Street, Cebu City. Across Apple Tree Suites. Just behind Fuente Circle and walking distance from Hi-Precision Fuente or Sampaguita Suites
The place can be navigated on Waze or Google Map. Whether you are riding a bus or your own vehicle, it’s best to navigate via Waze / GMap: https://g.co/kgs/36hr8m

Operating hours: 6:00AM - 8:00PM daily

  • Pork Chop
  • Crab Meat
  • Utok
  • Chicharon Bulaklak
  • Longaniza
  • Lumpia
  • Ngohiong
  • Atay
  • and many more!


Pungko-pungko sa Fuente is available for DINE-IN, TAKE-OUT, and DELIVERY

0916 896 4714 | https://m.facebook.com/pungkopungkosafuente/

Photos from Pobreng Laagan via Ariel Alegado