Your Favorite Vietnamese Kitchen, now serving you in Ayala Central Bloc!

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In the center of the busiest places of Cebu, Phat Pho- Vietnamese Kitchen under the Abaca Group will officially open this February 1 in Ayala Central Bloc, Level 1, IT Park. Phat Pho boasts of its organic ingredients and handcrafted menu items, providing a diverse set of dishes to their customers including different types of salads, summer rolls, satays, banh mi, curry, and the star of the show, their pho.

A must-try on their menu is the Pho Special. This dish is a Vietnamese soup dish with rice noodles, shaved beef, braised beef, meatball, and tendon. Other choices for Pho include Pho Bo (with classic shaved beef), Pho Bo Vien (with Vietnamese meatballs), and Pho Ga (with Vietnamese chicken noodle soup).

This is best paired up with slow-roasted pork rolls, crispy egg rolls, and fresh kalamansi fruit juice!

The slow-roasted pork rolls are also goi cuon, which is a hand-rolled rice paper filled with vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, daikon, peanuts, and fresh herbs. The crispy egg rolls, on the other hand, are fried wraps filled with ground pork, shrimp, and glass noodles.

Mag bai, if you guys are looking for elevated Vietnamese food in the heart of Cebu City, Phat Pho in Ayala Central Bloc is the right place to go!