The Sizzling Secret of Cebu: Uncovering the Lechon Capital of the World

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Lechon, or roast pig, is a widely popular meal throughout the world, but Cebu, stands out as the lechon capital of the world. Cebu is known for its delicious and crispy lechon, which is so good that it has earned the city the title of “Lechon Capital of the World.”

The cuisine was brought to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era, and lechon has a long history in Cebu. Domingo de la Cruz, it is believed, seasoned the pig with a special mixture of herbs and spices before roasting it over charcoal. This is how the first lechon in the Cebuano style was supposedly made.

Currently, Cebu is home to a huge number of lechon vendors and restaurants, all of which claim to serve the best lechon. The most well-known of these establishments is perhaps the family-run Zubuchon, which was started by Cebuano culinary critic and businessman Joel Binamira in 2009. Aside from Zubuchon, other notable lechon places in Cebu include Rico’s Lechon, Carcar Lechon, and CnT Lechon. These establishments offer a range of lechon variations, from classic to spicy, and even boneless.

Lechon has become so ingrained in Cebuano culture that it is often served at special occasions such as weddings, fiestas, and family gatherings. In fact, the city of Cebu even holds an annual festival dedicated to lechon, called the “Lechon Festival,” which showcases the different lechon varieties from various parts of the region.

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