Bingka de Catmon: Garbo sa Sugbo, Garbo sa Catmon

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The town of Catmon, Cebu, is known for many things: its beautiful beaches, its lush mountains, and its friendly people. But one thing that Catmon is most famous for is its bingka.

Bingka is a traditional Filipino rice cake that is made with ground rice, coconut milk, and sugar. It is often cooked in a clay pot and topped with grated coconut and muscovado sugar. Bingka de Catmon is known for its soft and spongy texture, its rich flavor, and its slightly charred crust.

There are many different theories about how Bingka de Catmon came to be. Some say that it was introduced by the Spanish colonizers, while others believe that it is a native Cebuano dish. Whatever its origins, bingka de Catmon has become an integral part of Cebuano culture and cuisine.

Bingka de Catmon is a popular snack or dessert that can be enjoyed at any time of day. It is often served with coffee or hot chocolate, and it is also a popular pasalubong item for people traveling to and from Cebu.

More than that, Bingka de Catmon is also a source of pride for the people of Catmon. It is a delicious and unique product that represents the town’s rich culture and heritage! Definitely, Garbo sa Sugbo, Garbo sa Catmon.