Passion to Fashion: The Sublime Story of Yoko Sato Li's Journey

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Passion to Fashion: The Sublime Story of Yoko Sato Li’s Journey

Fairy tales can come true. If you’re young at heart, it could happen to you. Have you ever seen yourself as a hero or something else as a kid? Unfortunately, you grew up taking a different path. You feel like you need to find that one missing piece in life’s puzzle, far from your dreams and reality. Memoirs float through your mind’s troughs and fissures. Childhood treasures are bursting forth with such vigor.

Yoko Sato Li is a Cebuana fashion designer. Back then, she had always wanted to be a stylist, but owing to other commitments and financial constraints, she was unable to pursue her ambition. Yoko Sato’s mother encouraged her to pursue a career in nursing, so she did so and even obtain a license. She also spent nearly three years at the bank. Everything went smoothly, yet something was still missing.

Fast forward to the beginning, when everything got underway with a single dream. Yoko Sato’s career shifted by that dream she experienced one night. In her dreams, she was a fashion designer. She was so happy in her dream that she wanted to make it a reality. It was vivid and full of details about how it came to be. Her spouse felt it was a fantastic idea when she told him about it. She reignited her love for fashion and attempted to enroll at FIDA numerous times, but she was hesitant to do so because she was having trouble deciding whether or not to leave her solid work at the bank.

Yoko Sato spoke with some of her friends and relatives, but the majority of them are against rolling the dice. Despite this, her husband incentivized her to pursue her passion. She pondered her options, thinking she didn’t want to grow old and regret not doing something she loved. She then resolved to fight for her dream and pursue it. She worked on the side while studying at FIDA. She was already taking orders from her family, then from her family members’ friends, friends of friends, and even strangers. Even though she was a rookie and based at home, she was surprised by their warm welcome and overwhelming support. Her little business benefited from social media and word of mouth. Yoko Sato becomes tearful when she remembers her poor beginnings. She still recalls taking her client’s measurements at TWG Cafe in Ayala or other coffee shops so they could meet halfway. They would meet at SM Cebu Bowling Center, the Ayala Center Cebu family lounge, or at their house for gown fittings. She is quite grateful to her clients for trusting in her despite the setup and arrangements, as she did not yet have her boutique.

After some time had passed, Yoko Sato and her husband ultimately agreed to rent shared commercial space in September of 2018 to expand their businesses. Half of it is her husband’s office for his own business, and the other half is for her atelier. Everything went well despite increased demands, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears to meet deadlines and exceed clients’ expectations. The most struggling time was when the epidemic struck that impacted the event sector. It was dismal since she had to spend a large portion of her funds to keep the firm afloat, and she felt a great deal of responsibility because some of its employees relied on her for their livelihood. She had to learn to adjust to the unexpected changes to survive. Masks and personal protective equipment were in high demand at the time. Yoko Sato had to make sure that her items were original, imaginative, and high-quality. She began selling trendy masks, bonnets, and ready-to-wear clothing with matching masks. Through her mother, who works as a nurse in America, Yoko Sato’s products have reached various hospitals in the United States. She also had regular clientele from the Middle East as a result of referrals and recommendations. She was also selling roasted chickens and barbecue at the time, so they could continue to employ their people and never abandon them. It was a roller coaster trip, but she is grateful for it since it taught her many things and put her abilities and skills to the test to live and handle whatever life throws. She noted that we must keep moving forward with tenacity, consistency, a determined heart, and true character strength.

Always keep in mind that some things may not go as planned or may not be completely clear at this time. What matters is that you believe in it, place your trust in it, and you will succeed. Starting a business is difficult, but maintaining it is even more difficult. Always strive to survive and prosper. Show the world what you’ve got while being humble and unwavering.

No mountain is too tall even if you stumble and fall, your dreams are attainable. Reach for the stars and soar higher!