Cebuano Market Helper Who Feared He Wouldn't Complete the Degree, Now a Licensed Mechanical Engineer

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Discover the Secret of This Cebuano Market Helper Topnotcher in Mechanical Engineering Exam Topnotcher:

Since we were children, inspirational fiction and moral fables have been a part of human life. We have all heard these from our parents, teachers, and elders, and they seem to exist solely in fictional storybooks with a stack of open glossy pages that are waiting to be read. But what if I told you that what unfolds in books happens in real life as well?

This is the tale of a young man whose life seems to be filled with an endless stream of challenges that must be approached, handled, and conquered, but who has proven that perseverance and love for his family entail continuing to a course of action despite the struggles that life has thrown at him.

Mark Allen Armenion, a 24-year-old market helper “kargador,” from Warwick Barracks, Carbon Market,Cebu City, ranked second with an average score of 95.70% in the Mechanical Engineering Examination, is a living proof that there are no secrets to success. It is the result of a vision, hard work, and lessons learned from setbacks.

Armenion, the youngest of four siblings, was the only one to graduate, with his mother, Marites Armenion, selling “uling” at Carbon Market, and his father, Rene Armenion, working as a lechon cook, both of whom separated. He mentioned that he feared he wouldn’t complete the degree because he was encountering financial and family difficulties that necessitated him to be frequently absent from school so he could labor as a market helper during elementary and high school to help his parents, for them to be able to afford the necessities to survive their everyday life.

He enrolled at UC-LM with the encouragement of his parents, and due to financial constraints, he tried being a working student in his second year. Until another dilemma came into their life, their home locatedin Mandaue City was demolished, so he had to return to his mother in Carbon Market and transfer to UC- Main. Even though his parents were in debt, they were still doing anything they could to support their hopeful child with his education. They are definitely not letting poverty hinder their child from achieving his dreams. His parents love provides the foundation for his resilience and perspective in the face of adversity.

Throughout his educational life, he has earned the following titles: National Quiz Bowl Champion of PSME Quiz Bowl 2018, Regional Champion 2018 and 2019, and CESAFI Math Quiz Bowl Champion2018 and 2019. Since high school, he had always been the best in math.

Armenion revealed that obtaining the ranked 1 was his primary goal during the ME Licensure Examination. However, when the PRC results were released, Armenion finished second with an average score of 95.70%, while the top one from VSU Baybay City with 96.60% is quite close which made him disappointed a bit as he had 2 years of preparation. Despite this, he was nevertheless successful in accomplishing something that he and his parents had been working hard on for a long time, and he did sowith flying colors.

Above all, it was Armenion’s ambitions for his parents that drove him to success. The tale of a young man reminds us that, aside from perseverance, one of the most essential segments of a child’s success is his love for his family, because a child’s love for them propels him through relevant and crucial phases of his existence.