Jollibee USC: Officially Signing Off Leaving Thousands of Memories

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A place where so many memories have been created is like golden poetry full of diverse emotions that may fill the void of yearning and even build a home out of heartache where tears can yield great bliss.

On June 5, 2022, one month prior, Jollibee P. Del Rosario announced its closure. Miss Christine Monteclar’s social media post about her inclusion in witnessing the opening of Jollibee USC’s location in front of the University of San Carlos Main Campus and eventually bidding goodbye to the sobering reality went viral.

“This spot was pivotal to our family business and other sidewalk vendors,” she stated.

The Jollibee management has authorized the first-ever flower seller stall area with electricity and water for 23 years. They expressed their gratitude to all of the crews and managers.

Diri ba ka nakauyab, naay ka meet, or nagmaoy? They serve as a reminder of how fast life can change when you look back on them.

“Una mi linya sa imong opening day. Una sad mi linya imong closing day,” Christine added.

How about you? What’s your favorite memory in Jollibee USC?