Di Tika Ika Ulaw, Pa: Words That Cast a Single Image in Light

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Father’s Day has passed, but it will continue to outshine. A father’s love is more precious than gold to the point that it can transcend any hurdle, even if it requires doing the most difficult tasks.

A remarkably heartwarming message was shared by Guillerma Idias, a Cebuana who recently accomplished her senior high school education at Manlapay, Dalaguete, Cebu. Her backhoe operator father, Florentino Idias, witnessed and celebrated her graduation despite the circumstances.

This emphasizes that the result of her father’s love and hard work, whom she honors most, is one of Guillerma’s finest achievements. Florentino was initially hesitant to smile for the picture, but her daughter’s words caused his heart to beat blissfully more dramatically.

She posted the photo along with the caption, “Ngano man diay ug hugaw imong sinina ug basa na, wala koy paki di tika ika ulaw pa. Bahalag gikapoy ka kay gikan ka ug trabaho pero ning diritso lang gyd ka sa akong graduation ug basa pa ka Pa.. iloveyou papa.”

Every job is decent. Whatever your parents’ occupation, you should be proud of them for working hard to create and secure a brighter future for you.