Berta: The Viral Englishera Queen is Now an Inspiration to All

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Berta, also known as the “Englishera Queen” in Cebu, has gained encouragement from others by sharing his experience using illicit drugs as a guest speaker.

When does a person start to change? Once a glimmer of hope appears, it will never be too late!

Berta’s story of how he conquered the darkest days was witnessed by the 54 graduates of the Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program at Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC). The well-known Englishera has changed the tide from a raging storm to a tranquil sea, serving as an example to others who are still in the dark and struggling to escape addictive drugs.

Berta spent 20 years wandering the streets and is now an administrative staff member at SafeHaven Addiction Treatment and Recovery Village. The CBDRP Graduation was held in Berta’s old alma mater, Tisa II Elementary School!

Change can be tough, but it is rare to hear someone claim it was not worthwhile. At the end of the day, as you progress through its phases, your story will influence people.

“Life is Wonderful. Life is Precious. Life is Powerful.” -Berta

Ikaw bai, Unsay ikasulti nimo ni Berta?

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Left Photo: Arnold VIllanueva
Right Photo: Marlon Yap