Walay impossible sa tawong mag kugi

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As he reached the pinnacle of his victory, Bench Lee, a content writer for Proud Bisaya Bai, unveiled his academic journey and life story.

It was evident how Tech-Voc Strand was underrated by the other universities four years ago when he attempted to take the engineering exam at one of the esteemed colleges in Cebu. This was simply because they had not fully mastered mathematics throughout their senior high school years, which motivated him to disprove their claims.

It was described as “Techvoc raman na, pinaka BASIC nga strand” by some students. Bench’s response to the aim was although their subjects may not be that aligned with the degree, Tech-Voc students are at least one level more skilled and have passed the National Certificate II exam.

Due to his inability to keep up a 4.8 grade, he went from Presidential Academic Scholar in his first year to Working Scholar (NAS) in his second. Owing to the pandemic, NAS was discontinued in his third year, and in his fourth year, Bench only received CHED and a government worker scholarship. Amidst the circumstances, his burning desire to obtain the diploma propels him to the limits of his abilities.

“That is why, to all Tech-Voc Students, chin up and stand proud. We are born for greater things. Don’t let the opinion of other people control your success. The journey is yours to conquer,” he stated.

With the degree; Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Bench Lee Abadilla graduated Cum Laude. You’ve found your own way to the triumph you deserve despite the crumbling bridges. Dreaming is believing. To believe is to hope. Hoping is putting into action until dreams come true.

Proud Bisaya Bai Family is proud of your success, Bench! May you continue to motivate others with your story and serve as an example for those who are still battling but never giving up.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

🏅Cum Laude
🏅IIEE Region 7&8 Outstanding Leadership Award
🏅IIEE-CSC National Gold Medalist for Leadership Award
🏅National Certificate II Passer (Electrical Installation and Maintenance)