Rare Bisaya Words You Should Know

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Bai, I am sure that you have visited locations with amazing marvels. You meet fascinating people with unique stories when you travel, and occasionally we can’t help but fall in love with a local, another traveler, or even an afam!

Ibandera jud ang Pilipinas, dai! (You represent the whole Philippines, girl!)

In addition to that, we are bound to continue to be in awe each time we go to the South. Tatak Bisaya ang kanindot sa mga lugar nga masigarbo ug kalikopan.

Grabe. Is it that deep? If so, then bai, it’s time to practice some fun wordplay in Bisaya!

One of the eight main languages in the Philippines, Bisaya is widely used throughout the Visayan islands and in some areas of Mindanao.

Here are a few rare words we frequently use in various contexts:

You probably learnt a lot about it today. We must preserve our own culture as we give significance to our dialect. Proud Bisaya jud ni Bai!