How Inclusivity Paved Ariel Alegado's Path to Success

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The word “inclusivity” wasn’t just a buzzword for Ariel Alegado; it was the compass that guided him toward achieving his dreams. Today, he sits as the general manager of Don Macchiatos, the thriving and pioneering 39 coffee in Cebu, redefining the industry alongside its CEO, Nickie San Juan.

Ariel’s journey began not in the world of coffee, but in the bustling kitchens of Jollibee, the iconic Filipino fast-food chain. He spent his formative years there, starting as a service crew member for three years before rising through the ranks to become a manager for eight. These years weren’t just about serving fries and burgers; they were the foundation upon which his leadership philosophy, built on inclusivity, blossomed. He actively sought feedback from his team, empowering them and ensuring they felt valued.

Despite the apparent stability of a Jollibee career, Ariel took a bold step. He embraced the spirit of inclusivity once again, this time by venturing into the world of business. As he emphasized in his interview with Sunstar Lifestyle, inclusivity remained the cornerstone for Don Macchiatos, translating into making both affordability and quality accessible to all. This echoed his leadership style, honed during his Jollibee tenure.

Even more compelling, the story of how Ariel and Don Macchiatos came together exemplifies inclusivity in action. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a time of uncertainty, Ms. Nickie San Juan approached Ariel to manage and promote her growing business. Despite the challenges, Ariel did not shy away from the opportunity. He embraced the challenge, and his commitment played a crucial role in Don Macchiatos’ success story. This serves as a testament to Ariel’s outstanding work ethic and unwavering loyalty, qualities that have propelled both Don Macchiatos and his career to new heights.

But inclusivity, for Ariel, extends beyond just fostering collaboration and building loyalty. He believes in leveraging feedback for growth, evident in his leadership of multiple franchises where he handled customer feedback with professionalism. Adding to his impressive achievements, Ariel Alegado was recently crowned the Best Cebu Travel Blog 2023 in the 16th Best Cebu Blogs Awards. This win recognizes his exceptional writing skills and the valuable content he delivers through his established “Proud Bisaya Bai” page.

Ariel Alegado’s story serves as a powerful reminder: inclusivity, when truly embraced, can pave a path to remarkable success. His journey, built on collaboration and the willingness to embrace challenges, embodies the spirit of Don Macchiatos and inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers across Cebu and beyond. He is, unquestionably, a role model worth emulating.