TRENDING: A heartbreaking message written by a Jollibee Customer

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Proud Bisaya Bai writer Ms. Mechelle Centurias, shared her experience with a heartbreaking message written at the back of the receipt coming from a Jollibee Customer who has stage 4 cancer. 🍗🥺

I was told that feedback is a gift. But this one is a totally different gift. It hits me to the core. I couldn’t hold my tears when I read this. One of our guests at Jollibee left this note at the back of his receipt.

After silently eating at one corner of the store, he cleaned up his table, brought the tray at the claim area and left. Our dining crew saw the note written on his receipt and gave it to me. I thought it was a feedback from a dissatisfied customer but it wasn’t.

It was a different “thank you” message from someone who had his last Jollibee meal before his Chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer. He was sharing that his doctor gave him 3 months to live.

With a heavy heart, I immediately took the chance to look for the customer at the dining area but I was told he just left. I lost the chance of speaking to him and to give him thanks and encouragement.

To this “brave someone” who just prepared himself for a big fight, we pray for your recovery. The 3 months your doctor gave you can be 3 years or 3 decades or longer. God gives miracles. We just have to believe and strengthen our faith.

I hope we’ve served you better and made you happy when you’re at Jollibee. Welabyu 😔

📸 Photo / Content by: Mechelle Centurias, Writer