Ten Amazing Things to Do When You're in Cebu’s World-Class Marine-Themed Park

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Visit the LARGEST Oceanarium in the Philippines, which is 7-meter deep with a 360-degree viewing tunnel that houses thousands of the world’s most incredible marine species. Cebu Ocean Park is the city’s first and only marine-themed park, with a diverse collection of sea creatures!

From the deepest reaches of the vast ocean. Graceful grey dolphins leap into the air, perform a backflip, and then glide back beneath the waves. Admire the sharks, colorful reef fish, and rays while being charmed by the majesty of the deep blue sea.

The world-class educational displays and interactive animal encounters ensure a fun and educational visit. They are known for their friendliness and constant smiles!

Here are ten things you can do when you visit Cebu Ocean Park:

Stingray Interaction

Stingrays are ordinarily solitary creatures. When they are fed, they congregate in unusually high numbers. You can interact with them and touch them!

Oceanarium Journey

A breathtaking journey through the deep depths, home to a vast array of the world’s most remarkable aquatic animals.

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

The Deep Tank Lagoon inside the Oceanarium is the Philippines’ deepest aquarium, with a volume of 3,500 cubic meters of seawater and a depth of 7.2 meters. Guests can immerse themselves in the aquatic realm by watching fascinating mermaids swim with their marine life companions. 

Crocodile Cage

An exciting adventure awaits you! Are you a brave soul?

As experts slowly lower you into its cave inside the glass crocodile cage, get up close and personal with a 14-footer saltwater crocodile. It will be a memorable experience to view its traits that you typically see in movies, bringing it to life as a sea wanderer.

Sea Trek

Trek through a sea filled with amazing freshwater fish and other flora!

Get up and personal with river giants, hand-feed Australian lories and lorikeets as you learn more about freshwater fish native that will make you experience the Amazon and African-like rivers. It’s an opportunity for you to witness the actual beauty of the ocean while also getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see unusual wildlife.

Prepare to dive in by putting on your swimsuit, Cebu Ocean Park wetsuit, and SeaTREK helmet!

Creepy Critters

Go beyond your preconceived notions of reptiles and insects as terrifying creatures. The diversity, beauty, and unique adaptations of both native and exotic reptiles and insects are celebrated in this display, which includes dozens of species.

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

They make you jump and screech, but they all have a vital role to perform in the ecosystem. Meet the creature that gives you the chills!

Aquanaut Expedition

Dive down into an underwater paradise to see some of the most stunning marine creatures while wearing a diving gear, and walking underwater is the ultimate underwater excursion.

Even non-swimmers will find it safe and convenient!

Fish Spa

The Fish Spa takes relaxing to a whole different level. Enjoy a calming moment while doctor fishes nibble away at dead skin cells on your tired feet, leaving you with regenerated skin and a natural feeling. Absolutely delight in the company of these therapeutic fish as they feast on your toes.

Glass Bottom Ride

Without getting wet, get a completely new viewpoint on marine life. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of numerous aquatic species while riding on the surface of the country’s deepest tank.

Mermaid Swim Encounter

Make your fantasies into a whole new world of reality!

Even if it is just for a day, live out your greatest aspirations of being a mermaid or merman! Isn’t it enticing?

Experience a 45-minute lesson will teach you how to swim and glide with a mermaid tail.


While the entire family, or barkada, is enthralled by the diversity that makes up an enormous percentage of the ocean, enjoy fantastic meals in the food hall with a wide range of your local and international favorites.

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

The Best Underwater Experience in C E B U! Tara na dayon diri!

How to get there?

Located at SM Seaside Complex, F. Vestil St, Cebu City, Cebu (beside the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, at the back of SM Seaside City Cebu in South Road Properties (SRP)

Via Commute: First is from SM City Cebu ride a bus going to SM Seaside City Cebu. If naa naka sa SM City Cebu pangitaa ang MYBUS terminal sakay ka going to CEBU OCEAN PARK for only 25 pesos.

Via Waze/ Google Map: The place can be navigated on Waze. Whether you are riding a bus or your own vehicle, it’s best to navigate via Waze / GMap. And this is it! Welcome to the Biggest Ocean Park of the Philippines! “Cebu Ocean Park”

Journey Experience - ₱600 on weekdays; ₱800 on weekends per head for adults and kids. Children below 2ft are free of charge or you can book it for P540.00 via Klook App

  • Stingray Interaction
  • Oceanarium Journey
  • Ampitheatre
  • Main Tank Gallery
  • Jungle Trek
  • Creepy Critters
  • Lorries
  • Seven Seas


Fish spa - ₱100 per 20 mins.
Swim w/ the Sting ray - ₱1,000

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

Source: Juan Virtudazo, PBB Mindanao

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