Icy Cozy Corner: Vibrant Cafe with a touch of your Japanese Dream

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Icy Cozy Corner: Vibrant Cafe with a touch of your Japanese Dream

Nowadays, people tend to look for what’s in and what’s new. We have that human tendency to try a fad and experience the new. Like for example, people crave for tea or food that they haven’t tried yet. So the first thing in mind is to look for which Teahouse or Cafe. But they don’t only simply look for a teahouse for its tea, but also for its ambiance. They would also look for the newest in town.

It is undeniable that we are now living in a social media- obsessed day where people especially the youngster takes delight in taking photos to feed their social media accounts. So if you are an instagram person and wanted to have a snap of your Japanese dream, then Icy Cozy Corner is the best place to be.

Vibrant Space

Icy Cozy Corner is a Japanese-inspired Café that serves Japanese Teas and snacks plus the staff got the Japanese Hospitality. It is a café located on the ground floor of Dulcinea Hotel and Suites in barangay Pajo. This Café gives you a chance to have a taste of your Japanese dream by trying their mouth-watering food offers while chillin’ in a space filled with vibrant Sakuras . It is a perfect place to hang-out for it will surely give you positive vibes.

The Humble Beginning

Sakura in Japan symbolizes renewal and optimism. While Covid-19 emptied out offices and placed international travels to a halt , Hazel Huyo-a, co-owner of Icy Cozy Corner , who then was a travel agent working for a Japanese Traveling company had to look for ways to earn when their travelling agency temporarily stopped its operations. She is a pastry lover and had her temporary business on pastries when she decided to open a café. She was joined by other agents from her previous company and together they opened the Icy Cozy Corner to public last March 2021. Despite temporarily losing their jobs due to the pandemic, they embraced an opportunity to start again without losing their positive outlook in life.

What They Offer

Aside from offering great taste varieties of Fruit teas and Milk Tea, they also have sandwiches and salad. Their seafood pasta and chicken salad are truly must haves. You can also try these other great offers from their menu. They are open from 11AM - 8PM daily.

Best Sellers
  • Chocolate Milktea – Php 105
  • White Caramel Milktea – Php 115
  • Passion Fruit Tea – Php 95
  • Seafood Pasta – Php 105

  • Ramen Spicy/ Mild – Php 150
  • Blended drinks – Starts at Php 135
  • Hot/ Iced Latte – Php 100
  • Milktea – starts at Php 100
  • Fruit Tea – Php 95
  • Kiwi Fruit Soda – Php100
  • Lemonade w/ butterfly Pea – Php 90
  • Sandwiches – starts at Php 105
  • Salad – Php 90

How to get there?

Exact Location: Dulcinea Hotel & Suites Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City

Via Commute: From SM City Cebu or IT Park, take a bus or PUJ going to Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City. Ask the driver to drop you off at Dulcinea Hotel and Suites (front of Gaisano Mactan).

Via Private vehicle: Whether you are riding a bus or your own vehicle, it’s best to navigate via Waze. Parking Space is also available.

Contact Information

For more inquiries, visit their Facebook Page “Icy Cozy Corner” or call their mobile number 09175180041.