Chowking Store in Cebu now serves Taiwan’s ‘best milk tea’ Milksha

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Milksha is a well-established milk tea brand from Taiwan offering natural and highest quality drinks. It has been voted as the No. 1 Bubble Tea Brand in different publications and magazines. It is best known for its signature honey-infused pearls. They pride themselves in creating only 100% natural, fresh, and handmade beverages that are guaranteed to contain zero preservatives, artificial coloring, or chemical additives. Milksha uses 100% high quality fresh milk as a base for its beverages and flavoured them with only natural ingredients.

Now, the Philippine’s popular Chinese Restaurant, Chowking, is exclusively offering the same fresh, all natural Milksha beverages, as Jollibee Group is set to acquire a majority stake in the brand. Select Chowking stores in Manila first offered these unique and satisfying milk tea flavors, but after a year, it came to Cebu to delight Cebuano’s palate.

To quote Chowking Milksha Brand Director, Ariane Valinton, “Our goal is to give Filipinos a taste of what gold standard milk tea should be. We want to offer a unique and satisfying milk tea experience to our customers. With the use of premium ingredients, meticulous preparation process, and the delicious and indulgent taste of Milksha flavors, this new Chowking offering is expected to be a hit with foodies and milk tea lovers alike.” Products at launch are the following: Honey Pearl Black tea Latte, Valrhona Cocoa Milk, Signature Taro Milk and Wintermelon Lemon. These are Dine-in and Take Home pricing and are only offered A la Carte.

Not sure which one to try? Here’s a quick guide on the 4 premium flavors:
You deserve a blissful moment, so try their signature premium black tea, you can opt for the Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte that combines black tea, fresh milk, and sweet pearls or the Black Tea Latte with pudding that uses the same black tea and milk but with added smooth, silky pudding as your sinkers.

Available sizes are 16oz and 22 oz which cost Php 120 and Php 140 respectively. Both prices include toppings.

Enjoy that luscious moment you deserve. For its indulgent Valrhona Cocoa Milk, Milksha uses Valrhona cocoa from France. Every cup feels like a rich, and addictive chocolate experience. Far from your usual chocolate drink, Valrhona Cocoa Milk delivers a strong cocoa taste, yet perfectly balanced with sweet creamy milk. 16 oz is Php 140 and 22oz is Php 160 both without toppings.

Make every moment an indulgent moment. Signature Taro Milk is one of Milksha’s top sellers—for good reason! It uses high quality taro from selected regions in Taiwan. With each sip, customers will taste the earthy all natural flavour of taro blended with rich and creamy milk. 16 oz costs Php 135 and 22oz is Php 155 both without toppings.

Try the Wintermelon Lemon for a refreshing moment you deserve. It boasts the right blend of sweet and sour taste. It is made with sweet, fruity wintermelon syrup brewed from fresh wintermelons and is mixed with tangy, citrusy flavour of Taiwanese lemon juice. Every drop of this drink leaves a cool and refreshing taste. 16 oz and 22oz cost Php 110 and Php 130 respectively without toppings.

Also available add-ons or toppings are Honey Pearls and Pudding which cost Php 30 each.

The twist here is that, as of this writing, Milksha drinks are only available in Chowking Fuente.

Exact Location: G/F Cinco Centrum, Fuente Osmeña Circle, Cebu City (Fuente Circle).

But don’t worry because it will soon be made available in more Chowking stores in Cebu, specifically at Chowking Tabunok, Chowking AS Fortuna, Chowking Marina, Chowking Cyberzone and Chowking SM Seaside. So, what are you waiting for? Try now. Basta Milktea, Milksha!