Kamusta? Tara Jollibee ta na!

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“Kamusta? Tara Jollibee ta na!”

This is a pretty simple phrase, but it conveys a deeper meaning. Have you checked your friends or barkada lately? They must be fighting battles you don’t know about, and a Jollibee meal together could put a smile on their faces.

Showing up is defined as giving witness to other people’s joys, sorrows, and true selves. “Tara, Jollibee” is another way of indicating that I’m having a hard time. Either the person misses you, something tragic or sad happened, or bliss is communicated.

Tara, mag Jollibee. Mangaon ta samtang gastorya. Kung di na kaya, naa rako para nimo ug saluhan ka. Jollibee isn’t only about being happy; it’s about allowing me to help you carry the burdens that your heart bears till you can smile again.