Jollibee Crew Members Touched a Customer's Heart

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NAKA HILAK INTAWN SI MAM 🥺 LOOK: “ Jollibee Crew members Touched a Customer's Heart” 🍗 The jollibee crew members...

Posted by Proud Bisaya Bai on Thursday, July 14, 2022

LOOK: The Jollibee crew members surprised a customer on her birthday as she sat alone having breakfast before going to the doctor to get her insulin.

According to Miss Cristine Sumayang Bustillo, the manager of Jollibee Boulevard, she assisted the woman at the counter because she was using a crutch and had poor eyesight. She found out that she was living nearby the vicinity of the store and checked her I.D. Later, as the customer ordered, she found out that it was her birthday and asked if she only wanted to eat the breakfast meal.

Miss Christine instructed the staff to prepare before surprising the customer with a chicken sandwich that had a candle to blow. She cried with joy because it was her first time having the experience.

Remember to give kindness to strangers when it has been extended to you. Being kind requires fortitude, and it can be a priceless gift you give to someone—a love in the form of action. Indeed, it can be found anywhere. Kudos to the Jollibee Crew Members!